More than ever, patients want to be involved in decisions about their healthcare 

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WiserCare helps patients prepare to make confident choices with their providers

Understand the clinical evidence, risks, benefits and side effects of the most relevant treatment options.
Focused education
Patients complete the WiserCare experience in the privacy of their homes, at their own speed. They arrive at their appointments focused and ready.
Private preparation
Using our patented assessment process, WiserCare helps patients define what matters most to them.
Goal definition
WiserCare incorporates the patient's treatment goals, preferences, and clinical situation to provide "best fit" guidance.
Personalized guidance

Providers reap the benefits when they engage patients in decision making


WiserCare supports providers in engaging patients when it matters most

WiserCare's "patient at a glance" report helps providers understand what matters most to their patients before the visit begins. Conversations are more focused and productive.
Faster decisions
WiserCare's "best fit" guidance helps pre-qualify patients for procedures and starts the consult from a more advanced place.
Better appointments
WiserCare improves patients’ confidence in their decision-making - and their satisfaction with care. More engaged patients achieve better outcomes, too.
Happier patients
WiserCare's automated invitation and results process easily delivers patient and provider insights when most needed and appropriate.
Integrated workflow

Shared decision making leads to better outcomes and lower costs

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WiserCare helps health systems and provider groups improve value

WiserCare supports patient-centered decision making, leading to higher patient and provider satisfaction.
Competitive advantage
Engaged patients more frequently choose less intensive treatments and have better outcomes.
Higher-value care
WiserCare applies the best, most relevant evidence consistently, tailored to the patient’s situation and needs.
Evidence, personalized
WiserCare makes it easy to add new conditions and distribute to more patients easily, without adding staff or costs.
Sustainable solution

WiserCare helps payers and employers reach more patients and providers

WiserCare helps address utilization and quality without focusing on cost or withholding care.
Higher-value care
Meaningfully engage patients when it matters most. Physician “prescription” helps engage 90%+ of patients.
Engaged patients
WiserCare makes it easy to add new conditions and distribute to more patients easily, without adding staff or costs.
Scalable approach
Focused application and workflow integration means physicians will use it.
High adoption